Wash Instructions

How to care for your machine washable silkwear

1. Use the Right Detergent

Washing Mulberry silk clothing is not tricky. Not all colours need hand washing or a particular drying regime. This particular silk retains its integrity very well and is machine washable. I recommend however, dark colour clothes should always be washed separately like most clothing.  gentle cycle will be sufficient to keep its integrity.

Due to the durability of the silk, it does not fray, and it is difficult to snag if worn sensibly.

Please ensure you use talcum powder to remove oil stains prior to washing. Do not use a stain remover.

2. Will it fade?

Like any other clothing, silk too fades a little in every wash. Rest assured almost all our silk garments have steadfast colouring and can be washed in a normal wash. Drying in the sun is bound to fade like any other garment.

Silk is likely to crinkle after a wash like all garments. It’s part of its nature, but the best way to prevent this is to wear the garment.  Silk is a natural fibre and the oils from your body will help soften it up after a wash.

If you are not accustomed to ironing your garments, then we suggest you purchase a size bigger. For example, if you are a small then medium might be better for you. 

3. Can you use a dryer?

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY!  Silk is a natural fabric tumble drying is bound to affect its integrity.

4. And one final suggestion…?

We hope you enjoy wearing your garment.

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