I started SilkBlvd Sleepwear because sleepwear is the most integral part of my life and sleeping in silk is a luxury everyone should experience.

To me silk sleepwear symbolises luxury, the warmth and comfort of home. After a hard days work, there is nothing more relaxing than slipping into my favourite pair of silk pyjamas and watch my favourite show.

Silk has a unique and amazing quality, to make you feel sensual, majestic and graceful.

After watching generations of women struggling to fit into sleepwear made for a size 8 model, adjusted to fit larger sizes for the sake of inclusivity. I decided it was time to balance the equation. Make sleepwear specifically designed to fit women with curves and women of all shapes and sizes.  What I like to call, 'the regular woman' who can be a grandmother, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law and sister. Size is a number, its not you. It is time to do away with wearing ill-fitted, unsupported, bad quality clothing with limited choices.

My aim is to make the 'regular' woman, like you and me feel special, elegant, sensual and comfortable in whatever we wear. 

Lets transcend the boundaries the society has set for us. Not all of us have the money, time or the will to look like celebrities. We simply want to look graceful, comfortable and feel desirable in whatever we wear.

Silk is just the fabric for that. It is very forgiving, it glides effortlessly over your body, keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. It's lustrous, opulent and elegant. 

Most of my designs serve two purposes. They are versatile enough to be paired with jeans, skirt, shorts or whatever you like.  You can also wear them as sleepwear.

This is my commitment to you and the planet.

I want all of us to be comfortable in our own skin, embrace our individuality and celebrate our curves.

In a way, to me Silk Blvd is an experiment. An experiment in which I make a concerted effort to design clothing suited for the atypical women.

A women, not limited by stereotypes. Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled. Beauty should not be number.

My Commitment to you
I am determined to provide you with quality silk sleepwear. By choosing my sleepwear, you're getting 100% pure mulberry silk, designed and sizes for Australians no matter what your shape and size.

Silk Blvd Sleepwear - is more than a brand; its a celebration of individuality, ethical choices, affordable luxury, and versatility.