• Empowering individuality by accentuating curvaceous bodies 

  • Incorporating style and fashion for a flattering silhouette

  • Providing necessary support in key areas without compromising style

  • Using cutting edge technology for optimal fit and comfort

Adaptable design to suit various body shapes and sizes seamlessly. 

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Join us in defying the stereotypes.

Welcome to Silk Blvd Sleepwear. Your gateway to exquisite sleepwear which is comfortable, sensual and luxurious.

It's machine washable & meticulously made and checked, to ensure it exudes quality.

At SilkBlvd, we believe every women is beautiful, regardless of their shape and size. Our sleepwear is designed to reflect our views.

Our clothing is slightly altered for bigger sizes, to ensure they provide support & comfort. Join us in redefining beauty standards.